About Us

What makes us different

Eincode ensures to provide the best online learning experience for its audience. High-quality content and programming concepts explained in real-life projects are fields where Eincode shines!

Eincode is covering mainly courses focusing on programming guides for web and mobile development. If you are looking for complete and comprehensive guides, then Eincode is the right choice for you.

  • Real-life examples and projects
  • Knowledge applicable straight to the working environment
  • Friendly instructors and quick help

Discover a wide range of topics. From Web development courses to Unity, or even system languages like Rust. Eincode covers topics for beginners as well as for experienced developers.


An experienced software engineer and freelance developer. Graduated from "Technical University Of Kosice" in Artificial Intelligence. Several years of working experience by working on a wide range of projects. Working experience ranging from a C++ software engineer at Siemens, full-stack JS developer in Berlin tech startup to programming online instructor. Filip believes that programming can be learned by anyone in an easy and practical way.

Filip Jerga

Instructor at Eincode