Next JS Data Fetching: GetStaticProps vs GetServerSideProps

Learn in detail the difference between GetStaticProps and GetServerSideProps, functions used in Next.js to fetch data for pre-rendering.

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How Web Apps Work — Next JS & React JS

This new video lecture by Eincode elaborates on the working of web applications.

How to use Next.js <Image> component

Learn how to use the latest Next JS features. In this one, we will take a look at the Image component and discover what it brings.

Create A Detection System In Unity

Let's understand how to create a detection system in Unity (Dot Product Detection Solution)

Unity Rigidbody Explained

An in-depth explanation of Unity Rigidbody. Understand Rigidbody properties in detail.

How To Setup an Npm Based Project From GitHub - Eincode

Wondering how to set up an npm project from Github using the git CLI and without it? This article breaks -down the new video lecture by Eincode and answers all your questions.

Top Resources to Learn Angular

List of the most popular resources to learn Angular framework

Top 5 Resources To Learn React JS /Next.JS

Next JS is an amazing framework for building SSR apps. There is a lot of resources to learn it. Find out how they differ and discover your favorite one.

Top 5 Resources To Learn Unity

Every Unity course is different and has a lot to offer. See our list of 5 top Unity resources. Choose your favorite one!

Eincode- Developing the Practical Way

What is Eincode platform? How can it improve your programming skills? Let's find out.

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Learn how to create games with JS and Phaser 3 in a short time.

Next.JS vs. Gatsby.JS Frameworks- All You Need To Know

Understand the differences, pros, and cons of these two amazing frameworks. Decide which one suits the best to your requirements.

How to consume data in Next.js apps

The way data is fetched on Next.js will affect the pre-rendering strategy applied. Do you know them?

Why should one use Angular?

An Introduction to Angular, its pros & cons, and how it differs from other frameworks/libraries.

What Is The Unity Game Engine- All You Need To Know

The broad view of the Unity ecosystem. Everybody can learn how to make games.

What are the benefits of the Next.JS framework?

As we step into a new tomorrow, our hunger and need for innovation and creativity seem to perch itself a rung higher than ever.

Unity Fundamentals — Moving a game object

Understand transform position and learn simple methods on how to move game objects in Unity.

Start creating games with Javascript in Phaser 3 | Part 1

Create an HTML/JS-based game in the Phaser framework.

Electron & React JS: Build a Native App with Javascript, Part 2

Learn how to integrate the React library into your Electron app.

Electron & React JS: Build a Native App with Javascript, Part 1

Learn how to build a native app with Electron & React JS. Utilize JS, Html & CSS to create a fully native app.

Vue JS 3  - The Practical Guide

Learn about most of the new features introduced in Vue 3 JS practical way!

Image upload with Cloudinary - Part 2 (Next/React & Node JS)

Learn how to upload an image to Cloudinary service

Image upload with Cloudinary - Part 3 (Next/React & Node JS)

Let's implement simple image gallery

Image upload with Cloudinary - Part 1 (Next/React & Node JS)

Learn how to send an API request including image data for the upload

Form validation with Next.js/React part 2

Learn how to validate custom input components with "react hook form"

Form validation with Next.js/React part 1

Learn how to validate forms with "react hook form"

Registration and Activation Email with React/Next and Node

Learn how to create a registration feature together with sending an activation email with Nodemailer.

Setup a project from Github Repo

Short guide how to setup a starting project in order to work on my tutorials.

Singleton design pattern javascript.

Lets take a look today on a singleton javascript design pattern.

Update Heroku domain name

Today I will walk you through change of domain name on Heroku.

Javascript reveal and module design patterns

I decided to make an overview and examples of most common and known design patterns in JS that is good to know. Even today when there is plenty of frameworks like angular, react, vue, ember… and you think you do not need basics.