Top Resources to Learn Angular

List of the most popular resources to learn Angular framework

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Web development has seen tremendous change in technologies and methods, and here, Angular has been leading the way. Angular stays afloat on top and has been recommended repeatedly. For someone enthusiastic about how websites are developed and how ideas become a reality, it will be essential to have multiple language skills at once. With that thought, it is possible to assume the importance of Angular in the coming days.

With the whole Internet at your fingertip and faster access, it has become too easy to learn almost anything. The same goes for Angular, and it’s no surprise that Angular has a pool of data dedicated to itself. One of the main questions I’d like to answer here is, Why should anyone learn Angular?

Why Learn Angular: Without getting into what Angular is and how it works, here I’ve listed to understand reasons for why learning Angular is and will be essential:

  • Angular has had the immense benefit of having a loving community supporting every update and always been up with new ways to explore and learn Angular.
  • Angular has proven its worth on websites and resumes. Many have upgraded to Angular, and if you haven’t, it is time to do so.
  • Amazing websites and applications are being built using Angular.
  • Angular works great with other technologies. It is great to see multiple languages used to create an amazing user experience.
  • Since its inception, Angular has had strong community support, and these communities have been working on creating enough support materials.

Now, moving on to the main point, what are the resources available to learn Angular, and where can you find it.

Where to learn?

There are many online courses available on eLearning sites like Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, etc. These courses are categorized for beginners, intermediate to advanced, and projects and live examples, respectively. Eincode is one such platform to learn progressively, along with practically implementing the skills.

Every course here has perfectly balanced modules, with a basic flow of introducing, explain and implement a topic. One course that one must mention is “React, Angular, Node In-Depth Guide: Beginner to Pro (2020)”. It’s a complete package for developers of any level willing to upgrade their skills. The main reason for the special mention of this course is its prerequisite: you don’t need any specific knowledge of Angular, React, or Node. This course gives you a proper introduction to these languages then takes you to the next level, having you deploy a project.

Course Link:

These courses take you from writing basic components, design layouts, handling I/O to final deployment on the server. One of the important features of any course that we look for is how well it introduces us to technology. And that is where the “Vue JS 3, React JS & Angular — Guide to Popular Frameworks” course comes into the picture. This course is a complete introduction to three of the highest in-demand technologies: React JS, Angular, and Vue.


Eincode offers students a wide and diverse variety of courses to choose from. (

From Angular.js, Node.js, React.js to courses in game development, web application, and mobile application, every learner gets to pick up a course that best aligns with their strengths and interests.

All of these courses cater perfectly to a student who has had no prior experience with these concepts.

Additionally, all the courses come equipped with immediate mentor support so that you get all doubts and queries cleared the instant they surface in your mind.


As the name suggests, it is an NGO(non-governmental organization) on a mission to teach coding for free. It has its own library of articles, blog post, videos, coding lessons, etc., for beginners to experts. Here’s what they have for Angular learners (

Other places to learn more: Basically, Google answers all your queries, and community sites like StackOverflow, Gitter, Reddit, etc., provide solutions to your practical questions and unexpected errors.

Angular on Reddit: Real-time place where another Angular Enthusiastic share their experience and knowledge is the Subreddit of Angular (

Youtube itself is a great tool, type in Angular <component_name>, and you’ll have a list of videos explaining what that component is, how to use and why. Every video will be of its own kind with its language, flow, explanation, etc. This is how senior developers of a coding community come together to help newcomers.

Below are some worthy Youtube channels:

Angular University on Youtube is a home for countless videos for anything and everything related to angular. From the basic introduction, news, and updates about Angular to proper implementation and practical applications.

There are several blogs where many ideas are shared and discussed. Senior developers share their experience and the latest updates. In this list, the top two blogs would be:

  • Minko Gechev’s Blog ( One of the most interesting Angular-related blogs that are always filled with amazing written pieces on Architecture, tools, etc. Nicely structured and well written. A must-read.
  • The Thoughtram’s Blog ( A lot has been updated over Angular, and this blog is a place to know about it. It is clearly written and explains the topic thoroughly. Every piece here is the result of in-depth research.

These blogs have enough articles revolving around the topic of Angular, not just tutorial-like articles. Along with learning something fast-paced like Angular, it is important to be updated, to have the latest news and releases and their details, and this is where these blogs are helpful.

News related to Angular

At whichever level you are, it is essential to be updated with the latest changes and new releases for any technology. For this purpose, several websites are always up and ready to notify you of any new updates. Angular Blog ( is known for “News and Tips from the Angular Team.”

Blog by Angular University is another interesting place to learn and update yourself. Adventures in Angular is a pod-cast published weekly ( It talks about and around tools, languages, etc. There’s an online community to share tips on Angular, news, and helpful resources related to angular with the name of Angular JS 4U (

Final Thoughts before concluding: There’s an abundance of such resources all over the web, but it all comes down to you. How you decide to learn and specifically how you will implement it. Whatever you learn, a new component, a skill, or anything, make sure to implement it with a real-life scenario. Build Something!

To Conclude: Online academies and eLearning platforms have a wide range of courses for Angular and similar topics. In contrast, Eincode’s Introductory course offers a lot in a package, don’t forget to look out for other courses that suit your need. Many courses offer basic introduction to live implementations of real-time projects. Finally, it always comes down to Practice because practicing is the key to master any skill.