What are the benefits of the Next.JS framework?

As we step into a new tomorrow, our hunger and need for innovation and creativity seem to perch itself a rung higher than ever.

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Ranging from physical events to online experiences, this hunger for novelty is universal in its manifestation.

Consequently, tech pundits across the globe work tirelessly to deliver experiences that are as seamless as they are inventive.

As users, our end goal is to lay claim to an experience that we can hold on to and cherish for a considerable period. We want services to be faster and processes to be easier. Thereby effectively setting in place an iteration of online services that are virtually never-ending.

In a nutshell, we want tomorrow's promise to be delivered in the brush strokes of the present.


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Introduction to Next JS

In May 2013, when developers at Facebook came up with React, it was with the very aim of clinically seizing this new tomorrow. As a component-based library, React was profound. Not only did it accord web developers an unprecedented degree of convenience to build the UI, but it also facilitated a level of efficiency that was hitherto unheard of.

However, when this component-based development sentiment was at its absolute peak, along came Next JS in the year 2016. With Next JS at disposal, developers no longer had to limit themselves to building components. Now, they could build entire pages. It presented itself as a complete solution to the developers and provided business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs with a bevy of enterprising advantages.

A Deep Dive

In essence, Next.JS is a framework based on JavaScript, utilized for building superfast static websites and React web applications. Via its Automatic Static Optimisation feature, developers get the liberty of building an application inclusive of both server-rendered and statically generated pages.

As a platform, the most redeeming factor about Next.JS lays in fact, that it was successful in bringing together the following three functionalities:

  • A rich user experience that was substantially faster and more user-friendly than what was ever made possible by other platforms in the past.
  • An unparalleled degree of performance.
  • The scope of rapid feature development.

Courtesy of these appealing features, everyone ranging from up and coming startups to established organizations such as Netflix and Uber switched operations to this framework.

Consequently, Next JS is now identified as among the fastest-growing React frameworks in the world. And has become the foremost tool of choice while working with any static site out there.

When Should You Use Next JS?

Before you proceed with using or integrating any technology with your operations, the thumb rule should completely align with your business goals.

Listed below are the enhancements that Next JS helps you incorporate into your business.

  • Boost your marketing and advertising channels and increase your overall visibility and brand awareness in the process.
  • Convert a greater number of your website and online traffic into sales leads.
  • Outrank and outperform your competitors and rivals in the market.
  • Deliver an innovative and remarkable user experience to your clients.
  • Cut down on your maintenance costs by a substantial margin.
  • Scale your business in real-time, and pave the path for its subsequent growth and expansion.

Advantages of Using Next JS

Broadly, there are three verticals of benefits that Next JS can help you avail -

  • Benefits for business
  • Benefits for marketing
  • Benefits for development

In the following section, we’ll discuss in detail the advantages of these verticals.

Benefits for Business

  • With Next JS at disposal, businesses can expand digital presence and increase conversion rate and deliver a user experience that is unique and pleasant in every sense of the word.
  • It accords you complete freedom over the front-end layer of your website. In effect, paving the way for looking past the trivial restrictions of templates, plugins, and other such features that usually come into the picture while making use of a conventional E-Commerce Platform or a CMS.
  • Usually, websites and applications developed with Next JS exhibit high standards of adaptability and responsiveness. They can adapt to any screen and work on any device that launches them.
  • The static site doesn’t harbor a direct link to any database, user data, dependencies, or other sensitive information. Thus the security of the data is upheld at all times. Additionally, because they are static, the load time is relatively much shorter as well.

Benefits for Marketing

  • Since page applications developed with Next JS normally have faster load speeds, SEO receives a boost. And the consequent rank is much higher than websites that have long loading times.
  • The objectives of high accessibility, enhanced user experience, and improved page load speed accomplished via Next JS usage eventually results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Using Next JS helps you meet vital page ranking factors such as structure, speed, and UX. This helps you drive a higher volume of organic traffic to your website and ensures that your page ranks higher than those of your competitors.

Benefits for Development

  • The Next JS framework comes with a built-in CSS support that allows developers to import CSS files from a JavaScript file.
  • It also possesses a built-in Automatic Image Optimisation feature that automatically optimizes images by using the image component.
  • It gives developers the liberty of updating existing pages by re-rendering them in the background alongside the incoming traffic.


Every day, emerging businesses and ventures continue to populate the digital space. This has shifted the onus towards owners to invest in developmental frameworks that can help them rise above the rest.

With agile and intuitive frameworks such as Next.JS, prospective entrepreneurs get the chance to align the tech infrastructure with business goals. Of course, besides paving the way for establishing a resounding and everlasting brand legacy.

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