5 top resources to learn Blockchain development

Here are the top 5 resources for developers to learn blockchain development.

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Blockchain is already making waves in the tech industry as a novel technology. Popular use-cases like cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum have attracted many investors and spectators that pour money into emerging applications. As this popularity grows, the need for skilled developers becomes apparent.

It’s important to understand that blockchain as a technology has far-reaching use cases beyond the world of cryptocurrency. Software developers wanting to learn the ins and outs of this technology can now do so with the help of the extensive online resources that exist today. Understanding the foundation and inner workings of this decentralized system is essential for anyone looking to master blockchain as a technology.

5 top courses to learn Blockchain development

Here are some of the top 5 online courses that all blockchain developers must keep on their radar -

1. Solidity & Ethereum in React(Next JS): The Complete Guide by Eincode Academy

For curious developers looking to break through into building decentralized apps that run on the Ethereum blockchain, the Solidity and Ethereum course by Eincode Academy is a perfect choice. With a basic knowledge of Javascript and OOP concepts, you can begin building real-world applications that can lead to radical developments in the blockchain space.

The course, structured in digestible bites, covers the basics of Ethereum, Smart contracts, and Solidity. You will learn to program and implement smart contracts using a high-level dynamic language such as Solidity. React is used as the frontend framework for the applications in this course. Prior knowledge of React is not necessary as you will learn the required aspects within the course itself.

The course is designed for developers who are serious about up-leveling their skills. It requires a significant time commitment and dedicated effort. As part of the course content, developers will also build two real-world applications.

Overall, this course is a wise choice for anyone with the time and willingness to learn in-depth about the revolutionary world of blockchain.

2. Blockchain A-Z: Learn How To Build Your First Blockchain by the Ligency Team on Udemy

The Blockchain A-Z course is an excellent option for beginner developers looking to dip their toes in the blockchain space. The only requirement is that you have a fundamental knowledge of Python.

Through the different modules of this course, developers will learn the mechanism behind building a blockchain, creating a cryptocurrency, and developing and implementing smart contracts.

For Bitcoin and crypto fanatics, this course offers all the knowledge you will need to go from novice to a decent blockchain developer. It is also a pretty popular course on Udemy, with more than 50,000 students.

3. Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate by Berkeley University

Berkeley University offers a comprehensive, self-paced course for professionals seeking certification in blockchain technology. Throughout this course, developers will gain a deep understanding of Bitcoin’s real-life applications.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn enterprise-level blockchain implementations, scaling applications, regulations and policies existing in the cryptocurrency space, and the future potential of blockchain technology.

The certification course is divided into two smaller courses for ease of learning and tracking. The first course purely deals with the mechanisms behind cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. The second course deals with the fundamentals of blockchain development and its architecture.

Developers of all backgrounds and all skill levels will find this course helpful.

4. Build a Blockchain and a Cryptocurrency from Scratch by David Joseph on Udemy

Here’s yet another course from Udemy that focuses on cryptocurrency and the backend of blockchain technology. Concepts introduced through this course include OOP-style blockchain building, implementing hashes for the blocks, creating APIs for the blockchain, implementing a proof-of-work algorithm, creating a transaction pool, etc.

This course will be valuable for developers familiar with NodeJS and back-end mechanisms to create a viable blockchain service. The high-level project created during this course will also add an edge to your resume.

This is a suitable course for beginners or developers who can quickly pick up concepts easily and understand them.

5. Blockchain Fundamentals by Jan-Erik Sandberg on Pluralsight

Last but not least is Blockchain Fundamentals by Pluralsight. This course shows you the practical and quick ways you can get to building blockchain applications. Not only does it cover the basics of blockchain development, but it also teaches you to create private blockchains, decentralized applications, and so much more,

The only caveat is that this is a quick course and can be completed in less than 3 hours. Nevertheless, those still on the fence about whether to take up blockchain technology can use this course to make that decision.

The course also allows you to build a sample application to demonstrate the operation of blockchain in the food industry. Overall this is an excellent choice for beginners.

Choosing the right course

Whether you are looking to level up as a blockchain developer, researcher, or crypto trader, or looking for a career change, choosing the right course to upskill yourself is critical.

In the vast ocean of online courses, it becomes quite confusing for beginners to choose the right course. Choosing the right course that fits your particular needs also means learning the right concepts and quickly applying them. Self-paced courses are perfect for developers working full-time and struggling with time management.

As a rule-of-thumb, developers must ensure that the course they choose covers the fundamentals of blockchain and its architecture, the working of Ethereum, smart contracts and their implementation, the backend of a cryptocurrency network, mining, and so on. Learning a high-level programming language like Solidity is also highly beneficial.


According to industry reports, blockchain developers are highly sought after, and the second-highest paid. As blockchain and related technologies gain more traction, it is essential for students or developers looking for a career in this space to upskill themselves.

Committing to an online course is the fastest way for today’s busy developers to achieve this. Choosing an online course with a large community of students will also ensure that queries are solved quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the applications that you build during the course will also demonstrate your understanding of the technology to future potential employers.