5 top resources to learn NFT marketplace development

We bring you the top 5 NFT marketplace development courses.

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The growing curiosity about NFT technology is reaching phenomenal heights. No other technology has captivated the interest of the masses with such intensity lately. Many prominent artists, celebrities, sportspersons, etc., are active in the NFT trading world as the exclusivity and security make NFTs a tremendous investing and trading tool.

NFT marketplaces are platforms where such trades happen; some of the top platforms for NFTs currently ruling the market are OpenSea, SuperRare, Atomic Hub, and Rarible. They are like an auctioning platform but for NFTs. Many artists convert their digital work to tokens on these platforms to sell to other customers using cryptocurrency.

You can also build similar platforms for other NFT enthusiasts. The exceptional part about this is the profitability behind it, as the transaction fee charged by platforms makes it a lucrative opportunity for developers.

Are you interested in building the next biggest NFT marketplace? This article will show you the top 5 courses covering the A to Z of NFT marketplace development. These courses will get you ready to build your own NFT marketplace.

1. NFT Marketplace in React, Typescript & Solidity — Full Guide by Filip Jerga on Eincode Academy

An all-inclusive course that teaches you everything you need to know to build your own interactive NFT marketplace. This course by Eincode Academy helps you create an interactive NFT marketplace where customers can purchase NFTs using Ether cryptocurrency.

This course requires familiarity with blockchain development and base knowledge of Solidity and React JS. The application built during the course follows the ERC721 standards. The user-facing component or the front-end is built using React JS and Next JS and stylized by CSS (Tailwind).

The crucial part of marketplace development is the implementation of smart contracts. This course teaches you to create and utilize ERC721 smart contracts that store information about NFT ownership. NFT-related data, also known as NFT Metadata, is stored in Pinata (IPFS), which is also introduced through this course.

Developers looking for extensive knowledge about NFTs and want to tackle building an NFT marketplace cannot miss out on this one.

2. The Complete NFT Web Development Course — Zero To Expert by Clarian North and TJ Walker on Udemy

This course by Udemy deals with all the latest tools and technologies in the NFT world, like Solidity Compiler, Truffle, Mocha, Web3 patterns, etc. The course discusses professional blockchain techniques — working with the Ethereum network and Web3 for debugging, deployment, and compiling with Remix IDE Ethereum. Beginner developers looking to gain knowledge and develop an NFT marketplace from scratch can opt for this resource.

It includes a few advanced topics but explains them in an effortlessly simple manner. This course can be a lengthy commitment for some developers as it teaches many basics, like the introduction to NFT, EVM, and more.

3. Build an NFT Marketplace — Ethereum dApp Programming by Filip Martinsson and Ivan Liljeqvist on Moralis Academy

An excellent course from Moralis Academy is the Build an NFT Marketplace course. This course aims to arm you with the end-to-end dApps developmental experience. Not only will you learn to build your dApp, but you will also have acquired practical knowledge about NFT tools such as Truffle, Ganache, MetaMask, etc.

You will be introduced to complex concepts through a Kitties application, where you will learn to write and implement ERC721 smart contracts, create the marketplace front-end solution, and earn certification as you go.

4. Build An NFT Marketplace From Scratch — Blockchain DApp by Media Training Worldwide Digital on Udemy

Yet another Udemy course for developers looking to break into the NFT marketplace development. A prerequisite to this course is some Javascript and Solidity knowledge, along with familiarity with React and OpenZeppelin.You’ll be introduced to professional blockchain techniques working with the Ethereum & Polygon network and the ethers library.

Unlike other courses in the market, the Blockchain DApp course delves deep into robust DApp developmental tools like Hardhat and Infura that connect the blockchain to front-end technologies. The smart contracts are implemented onto the blockchain using the Hardhat functionality. Additionally, you will get a chance to improve your UI design skills with CSS and styling libraries.

It is a compact course for professionals short on time looking to grasp concepts quickly.

5. Build an NFT Marketplace — No Coding Required by Chris Wang on Skillshare

Last but not least is this course by Skillshare that requires no coding. Developers looking to quickly build and deploy an NFT marketplace without diving into implementing too much backend detail can opt for this course.

What makes this course unique from others is that it leverages a platform called Holaplex to launch an NFT marketplace without any code involved. Programmers looking to learn blockchains other than Ethereum can look into this, as this course is solely based on the Solana blockchain.

This is a quick course; all topics are squeezed into bite-sized information. The downside is developers looking for in-depth knowledge might not be delighted with this resource.

Choosing the right course

It is worth paying attention that choosing the wrong course can be detrimental to your learning journey. The course choice will vary depending on the time commitment, the effort required, and the unique goal of every individual student.

When looking for the right course, always opt for the ones with the more recent tools and techniques. Learning the in-demand tools will make you stand out from the crowd of other blockchain developers. For example, since Ethereum is the most prominent and popular blockchain out there, it will be beneficial for developers to focus on building an NFT marketplace that runs on Ethereum and uses Ether as currency.

You want to pick up a highly interactive course that gives you hands-on experience, where the instructor holds relevant experience and is there to resolve your queries.

At the end

Learning to build an NFT marketplace can be tricky without the proper guidance. Your choice of resource can make or break your journey into the vast ocean, which is blockchain technology.

NFTs, a highlight of blockchain technology, give artists and entrepreneurs a space to showcase their talents and sell their creations to a large audience.

Developing an NFT marketplace can open up more opportunities for creatives. It is a highly sought-after skill in the industry today, and developers who can adapt to the latest technologies, such as NFTs, can outshine and stand out from their programming counterparts.