Eincode- Developing the Practical Way

What is Eincode platform? How can it improve your programming skills? Let's find out.

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Between the years 2018 and 2019, the number of software developers grew from 23 million to 23.9 million.

By the year 2024, this figure is predicted to reach a staggering 28.7 million. In the USA alone, this count stands at an astounding 4.2 million. (Statista).

If there’s one thing that is clear from these numbers, it’s this- no one out there is shy of becoming a programmer or a web developer.

Keep in mind. This is just the number of people who are working in the industry. The number of people who aspire to break into it is much, much higher. So, what’s stopping them, you ask? A lack of guidance and practical knowledge.

A stroll into a random library will bring you across various choicest programming books penned by the most brilliant minds in the trade.

However, in a field that is as hands-on and intuitive as coding, picking up theory doesn’t cut it.

It would help if you had proper mentoring, and more importantly, practical experience to not only learn the ropes but also to make the most out of it. This is exactly where Eincode comes into the picture.

Shaping The Developers of Tomorrow

If you are someone who’s a firm believer of the “What You See Is What You Get” school of thought, then Eincode is just the right place for you.

Here at Eincode, imparting practical and real-time knowledge to our students assumes the foremost priority for us. We aim to make coding a fun and interactive affair for students all across the globe.

How do we do that? By breaking down the process with the help of real-time examples.

We show you exactly what goes behind a particular algorithm and help you grasp it in the simplest possible manner.

In the process, we drive you to think, not to follow instructions.

Programming is as much about problem-solving as it is about creative thinking. We, at Eincode, understand that and try to inculcate the same sentiment in all our students as well.

A Unique Curriculum Design

At Eincode, we follow a unique curriculum design.

Before we introduce you to a concept, we ensure to have a real-time application in-store. Before the course commences, the application is tested and deployed in a project before getting incorporated into the lecture modules.

Subsequently, all the concepts of a particular course will be based on the various operational modules of this project. In this way, for every new concept and algorithm that comes your way, you’ll instantly be able to visualize its application and utility in a real-time setting.

This approach at Eincode makes our students work-ready by the time they are done with their courses. Every full-length course phases itself out across a duration of 40–60 hours.

Hands-on practical training not only builds and adds value to a student’s portfolio but also makes them fit for a host of entry-level developer positions in the process.

A Quiver of Courses to Choose From

Eincode offers students a wide and diverse variety of courses to choose from.

From Angular.js, Node.js, React.js to courses in game development, web application, and mobile application, every learner gets to pick up a course that best aligns with their strengths and interests.

All of these courses cater perfectly to a student who has had no prior experience with these concepts.

Additionally, all the courses come equipped with immediate mentor support, so that you get all doubts and queries cleared the instant they surface in your mind.

Some of the most popular Eincode courses have been listed below for your reference:

  1. React, Angular, Node In-Depth Guide: Beginner to Pro
  2. The Complete Unity Guide 3D- Beginner to RPG Game Dev in C#
  3. Electron & React JS: Build Native Chat App with Javascript
  4. The Complete Nuxt.js & Vue.js Course | Self Promo App

(all courses: https://academy.eincode.com/)

Hear it straight from Eincode Students

  1. Doan (React, Angular, Node In-Depth Guide: Beginner to Pro) — Filip takes the time to show you the code, walk through the code and then explain what is happening step by step. This course is perfect for the React beginner through to intermediate (through to people who want to implement certain features, like Image upload or geolocation). To top it off, Filip is also a cool guy (I gathered this from over 30 hours of listening to his voice lol). Easy 5 stars- get this course if you want to get started on your new project!
  2. Sadek — (React, Angular, Node In-Depth Guide: Beginner to Pro) — Best MEAN stack quality/price course ever, it’s more than 4–5 courses in one, and anyone can really start developing with it, I’ve tried many Udemy courses and that one was by far the best, Filip answer questions so fast too, I am satisfied :D
  3. Tim (The Complete Unity Guide 3D — Beginner to RPG Game Dev in C#) — Explaining everything step by step is wonderfully done. Learning the HOW is nice but learning the WHY things work a certain way and learning the other ways to do it.. and why we going with this way is amazing!! Learning so much..especially in the AI(Additional Information) sections.. that are optional but explain so so much.

Learn from the Best

The courses at Eincode are helmed by instructor Filip Jerga, an experienced software engineer and freelance developer.

He has a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. Plus several years of experience working on a wide range of technologies and projects from C++ development for ultrasound devices to modern mobile and web applications in React and Angular.

Over the course of his career, he has acquired advanced technical knowledge and the ability to explain programming topics clearly and in detail to a broad audience.

What makes his courses worth attending -

  1. Filip’s innate ability to explain web and software engineering concepts in a detailed, hands-on, and understandable way.
  2. Plus his comprehensive and immediate support throughout the course.

5 Quick Reasons to become an Eincode student today

  1. Eincode leverages real-life projects to explain challenging programming concepts. This makes Eincode students fluent with every aspect of the course module in the process.
  2. Eincode courses make students work-ready as they work on real-life projects which they can add to their portfolios.
  3. All Eincode courses follow a no-fluff, no-endless-theory methodology and are focussed on practical learning — exactly how web development and programming must be taught.
  4. There are no shortcuts at Eincode. Only in-depth understandable explanations backed by real-life examples.
  5. As an Eincode student, you’ll always have access to transparent, fast, and open communication with the instructor, Filip Jerga.

Take The First Step

We live in a tech-savvy world where learning about various technologies and algorithms that influence our lifestyles is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

With Eincode, take the first step towards discovering the fun world of programming and developing and give life to creations that make the world a better place.

Beyond everything else, Eincode courses equip developers and leaders of tomorrow with the necessary tools that shape their ideas and visions.